Episode 030 – Sam Storms

"Thou shalt not do at all what others do poorly," was a commandment Dr. Sam Storms lived by for 20 years in ministry. Sam was pastoring in my hometown of Ardmore, OK when his life was turned upside down by the person and power of the Holy Spirit. Sam and his friend Jack Deere had … Continue reading Episode 030 – Sam Storms

6 Things I’ve Learned From Observing Sabbath

By Alexis Busetti Originally published in August 2019 on Family Christian I’ve noticed a trend lately among evangelical Christians - the rebirth of Sabbath observance.  Taking one day a week off and dedicating it to worship and rest.  It’s beautiful!  And for me, it’s familiar.  Back in college (almost two decades ago) a small group … Continue reading 6 Things I’ve Learned From Observing Sabbath