Alexis is a regular contributor for

Alexis was a guest on the podcast Creation Refined with Monica Harris:  Creation Refined Episode 11

Alexis was a guest on the podcast Unaltered Grace with Rachel Lawrence:  Unaltered Grace Episode 22 – Stewarding Finances Well

Alexis was a guest on the podcast She’s Got Gumption with Wendy Olson:  She’s Got Gumption Episode 22

Alexis was a guest on the podcast, StartupCamp Stories with Ben Strugill:  Overcoming Perfectionism With Alexis Busetti

Alexis was quoted in U.S. News & World Report:  How to Act Generously When You’re Broke

Interview about our family’s adoption for Project Mother:  Moise’s Adoption Story

Seth wrote a guest blog post for Dale Partridge’s Startupcamp: 5 Reasons to Self-Fund Your Startup

Alexis was quoted on the UK site, Property Moose:  7 Finance Professionals List the Best Books on Money and Investing

Alexis was quoted in Student Loan Hero:  What to Do When You’re Broke and Can’t Pay Your Bills

Alexis was featured in ValuePenguin:  Family Resolve Helped Pay Down a Debt Acquired “Frivolously”  (Note:  The “Tips for Dealing With Debt” at the bottom of the article are those provided by the author.  While I do not take issue with most of them, it should be noted that I would highly discourage debt consolidation loans in almost every circumstance.)

Alexis wrote a guest blog post for Eat Pray Budget:  Spontaneous Spending Without Breaking Your Budget

Alexis was quoted in InsuranceNewsNet:  Extra Cash Means Extra Work for Advisors

Alexis was quoted in U.S. News & World Report: Should parents pay for kids’ student loans?

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