All of our coaching sessions will be personalized to fit your specific needs. We start with a free consultation by telephone. As you express your goals and challenges, we will work together to create a plan that is right for you. In most cases, I will encourage you to create a written budget to use as a guide. We offer two convenient coaching options.

Option 1: Monthly Packages, Regular Coaching and Accountability Set to Your Pace

  1. Decide how often you would like to meet. Once or twice a month, or weekly, for 3, 6, or 12 months is recommended.
    • Once a month – $115
    • Twice a month – $200
    • Four times a month – $360
  2. We will continue to meet regularly in one hour sessions* to guide your progress.

Option 2: Stand Alone Sessions, Financial Wellness Checks and Guidance on Specific Decisions ($165)

  1. Complete some basic financial paperwork.  
  2. One hour comprehensive coaching session* and financial review.
  3. At the end of our session, you will get a detailed action plan.

*All sessions are done by video conferencing or phone, giving you the most flexibility.

Download our Excel Budget Template

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