Entrusted with Money: A 90 Day Workbook for Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Finances is a specialized course focused on building healthy financial thinking and behaviors. Designed to be completed over a three month period, this book will give you relevant assignments and readings the help you balance financial priorities with your relationships and behaviors.

The material can either be self-guided and completed at your own pace, used for small groups and bible studies. We have seen life changing results when used as the basis for individual and group coaching packages!

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“I absolutely LOVED everything about the journey this book led me through.  As someone who thought she had it “all together” as it pertained to finances, this book helped me to uncover the core of my relationship with money (which though on paper looks pretty good, is quite an unhealthy one in some ways and I hadn’t even realized it). In order to improve your money habits, you must first address the experiences with and observations of money/spending (or lack thereof) that brought you to your current posture. No matter where you are in your journey with finances, this book will give you the clarity you didn’t even know you needed for financial growth. You’ll find yourself setting money goals, putting checks and balances, setting yourself free so you can increase your generosity to others… I could go on and on!!” – S. Mitchell (Amazon Review)