Thank you for your interest in taking the Entrusted With Money Group Course!  I have no doubt you will experience transformation in your finances when you commit to this work and we put in the effort together.

Please fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you soon.

Here’s what to expect in the course:

Entrusted With Money: A 90-Day Workbook for Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Finances is designed to help you dig deeper, beyond the numbers, in order to make lasting change in your finances. By the end of our time together you’ll have a solid working budget, a financial mission statement, and a better overall concept of your family’s values and priorities when it comes to money. We’ll even touch on family culture, lifestyle and wealth-building.

  • We will meet for a total of 8 sessions of approximately 60-90 minutes each. You’ll receive teaching and have time to discuss what you’re learning within the context of the group.
  • Since this is in a group setting, specific household budgets and numbers generally are not shared. However, as a member going through this course, you will be offered a steep discount on individual coaching sessions with me to address those very items if you choose.

Details about this group:

  • Runs for 8 sessions beginning September 5 and running through November 28. Tentatively scheduled for alternating Wednesday evenings at 7pm (via video conference, no software or downloads needed).
  • Total price is $399 billed at $133/month + the purchase price of the workbook ($14.99 on Amazon with Prime Shipping available). Price will be reduced to $359 (10% discount) for paying the total payment prior to the first session.

*Deadline to sign up is August 30. Group will move forward as planned as long as minimum number of participants is met. Group members will be notified and given the session schedule on August 31.

For over 25 years, I’ve sought out a solution to my struggles with managing my finances. I never had a problem making money — I’ve done pretty well for myself but managing it and directing it has been a whole other story. From insufficient fund fees to getting to the checkout line and HOPING that the digital card reader read Approved, the anxiety was something that I just couldn’t live with anymore. I had taken what seemed like every class my church or some other organization offered and my shelves are flooded with How To Money Guides but nothing seemed to make a difference.

When I first received Seth & Alexis’ book, Entrusted With Money, the title itself just stuck and felt like something was going to be different this time and it was. Alexis’ teaching style coupled with the practical and spiritual advice of the book are helping me to shift my behaviors and relationships with my money and its purpose. It’s been incredible for me to watch the transformation within myself. This Financial Group has been answered prayer for me and I’m so grateful to finally be on the road to the type of wealth building that I saw as possible for everyone else — except me. Now it’s my turn thanks to Alexis’ passion, no-nonsense approach and her compassion for others. Her teaching and the heart behind this book are nothing short of miraculous.” – Group Member, Summer 2018