Why is it So Hard to Be Financially Transparent?

By Seth Busetti As we help more and more families with their finances, I have come to believe the hardest part for most people is not the numbers, but rather adopting the practice of financial transparency. This includes opening up, not just about what they earn and what they spend, but how they organize their … Continue reading Why is it So Hard to Be Financially Transparent?

Cistern & Grove Videos

Here is a detailed video walkthrough of our Excel Budget Template. You can download the spreadsheet for free. https://youtu.be/zjoLeecZVD8 There are three essential steps to getting your finances on track. Watch to find out more. https://youtu.be/0cnR_h9QvfU In this video I give some thoughts on how to realize your dreams, financial or otherwise. https://youtu.be/Eq0qcTPMD5M Here's a … Continue reading Cistern & Grove Videos